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Quaker Testimony: Resources from Jim Fussell

This fall and winter, Friend Jim Fussell led five sessions on Quaker Testimony for us as an adult Sunday School opportunity. Jim presented his research on how Friends have understood and lived out testimony/the testimonies over time. Some highlights: Jim invited us to consider how testimony emerges from or is based upon Scripture (second presentation); he also reminded us that the "SPICE" or "SPICES" mnemonic that many of us use to represent the testimonies is only fairly recent, and is primarily an idea from the US (third & fourth presentations), and then challenged us to envision how God might call us to new understandings of Testimony through continuing revelation (fifth presentations).

Here are Jim's slides:

If you'd like to browse the files directly in Google Drive, you can find them at this link. Finally, if you'd like a hardcopy version of any of them, please contact the office using the form below.

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